Hydraulic actuators


  • Hydrox
  • for automatic operation (opening/closing) of valves
  • specifically designed for district heating and district cooling and Vexve’s valves
  • for minimum maintenance and complete safety


  • in a complete size range compatible with Vexve’s valves
  • manually or remotely controlled (note! manual operation always included)


  • Completely safe for underground installation
  • Hydraulically self-sustaining
  • Position transmitter/indicator (low voltage)
  • Designed especially for valve torque requirements – designed for full compatibility with Vexve’s valves
  • Actuator cover designed for protection from water, salt and dust

  • Torques up to 64,000 Nm
  • Recommended pressure range 30-200 bar
  • Ambient temperature range -25ºC to +85ºC
  • Rotating angle up to 97º
  • Adjustable end stops
  • Output flange acc. to ISO5211
  • IP68