Vexve career story


A quality expert

”I am originally from Sastamala, so Vexve was familiar to me already. When Vexve sought a quality manager, I decided to test the ice with a stick. I studied material technology at the Tampere University of Technology and had done similar work, but I was still relatively inexperienced. Therefore, it was a bit like a leap into the unknown, but from the beginning, I have been able to develop my own skills through work.

During my seven years with Vexve, I have also had duties as manager of customer service and then export director for China. The work rotation was a good and instructive experience. I now have a better understanding of the problems that our distributors and end customers face as well as how and where our products are used. I returned to the role of product and quality manager with a broader perspective and international experience.

At Vexve, the best part is definitely the fact that people are given genuine development opportunities, whether post-graduate studies or a variety of tasks. Here too, employees are valued and looked after."

Anne Savolainen, Product and Quality Director

Vexve plusses:

+ Can do attitude
+ Appreciation of employees
+ Good development opportunities