Vexve career story

Riina Lahti

From thesis worker to product manager

"My involvement with Vexve started when an acquaintance of mine who works for the company told me that they also take on plenty of late-stage students to do their thesis work there. At the time, I was studying for an M.Sc. in automation engineering. In addition to getting the thesis work opportunity, I was also offered a job at Vexve, to my surprise.

I already had a nice job at the time, but eventually, I ended up accepting Vexve's offer because of my thesis and a shorter commute. I have had no regrets!

I started out as product manager for butterfly valves, but before long I was offered an opportunity to get familiar with our hydraulic actuator product family as well. Since I majored in hydraulics, I considered it a very attractive option, and I'm still on that path.

In my work, I have comprehensive product responsibility for the hydraulic control solutions product family as well as the underground ball valve solutions. In practice my work involves acting as a project manager in product development projects, taking charge of product group related reporting and supporting other departments on a daily basis in matters relating to the products under my responsibility.

I find the wider scope of work suitably challenging. I appreciate the versatility in my work and the opportunity to learn something new every day. No two working days are the same!"

Riina Lahti, Product Manager

Vexven plusses:

+ Open cooperation

+ Nice co-workers

+ Versatile work