Vexve career story

Globe-trotting welder

”I work at Vexve’s Sastamala butterfly valve plant as a welder. I graduated from the Vammala vocational school as a plate-welder and completed an induction-welding diploma with MMA and MAG methods. I originally started in Vexve as a summer worker, through which I got an internship

I have soon been working in Vexve for five years in permanent employment. My work in Vexve has involved manual welding, robot welding, butterfly valve assembly and as necessary also other work tasks. My job requires accuracy, a good attitude and initiative with the desire for further development.

In the summer of 2016 I got the chance to go to China. Now, I have made several successful visits to Beijing and Taiyuan, where jobs have varied from welding repairs to actuator installation. Working abroad requires an adventurous spirit and forbearance, but has been instructive.

The best part of my work is definitely its versatility and a good working atmosphere. The salary, in my opinion, is also competitive. Vexve has a really comfortable work environment with neat workspaces and machines as well as fairly new equipment.”

Saska Koivunen, welder

Vexve plusses:

+ variety of tasks
+ good working atmosphere
+ neat workspaces and new machines