Together with our customers, we are building intelligent cities supporting sustainable development. For this reason, Vexve wants to take an active role in the industry associations and networks.


Euroheat & Power is an international network that mainly aims at promoting district heating and district cooling usage in Europe together with the rest of the world.


The DHC+ Technology Platform is a European expert group working under Euroheat & Power in the research and development of district energy.


The UK District Energy Association aims to promote the use of district heating and district cooling in the UK, to spread good practices and to reduce greenhouse gases.

Cleantech Finland

Cleantech Finland is a network for the Finnish cleantech expertise and innovations that support sustainable development.

Green Net Finland

Green Net Finland is a development organization of an intelligent, low-carbon emission city environment, bringing together companies, communities and other public bodies in addition to research and development organizations.


Finnish Energy Club

Finnish Energy Club is an association for the Finnish energy field, with a focus on promoting the export of Finnish energy and cleantech expertise.

Technology Industries of Finland

Finnish Technological Industry Association is an influential organization in the economic development and labor markets. The association’s aim is to promote the most significant export industry’s competitiveness and operating conditions.

Finnish Energy

Finnish Energy

Finnish Energy (ET) is a branch organization for the industrial and labor market policy of the energy sector. It represents companies that produce, procure, distribute and sell electricity, district heat and district cooling and related services.


FinDHC’s mission is to strengthen district heating awareness and to promote Finnish technology and service expertise related to district heating.



FIBS helps companies to make better business by providing information on new innovative ways to develop business and offering unique networking opportunities.


Diversity Charter Finland

The FIBS Diversity Charter Finland helps companies develop diversity management practices that take into consideration both personnel and clientele and to utilize different backgrounds, competencies, and characters in order to create more innovative, productive and responsible working environment.



Finpro helps Finnish SMEs go international, encourages foreign direct investment in Finland and promotes tourism.

Estonian Power and Heat Association

Estonian Power and Heat Association

Estonian Power and Heat Association is the oldest and largest association representing companies in the energy and heat sectors in Estonia.


SweHeat & Cooling

SweHeat & Cooling

Established in 1993, the aim of the association is to boost the export of Swedish district energy companies.



AGFW association supports the development and expansion of CHP, district energy and heat supply from renewable energies at national and international level.

Finnish HVAC Association

The HVAC Association of Finland

The HVAC Association of Finland SuLVI is a co-operation and training organization, whose aim is to ensure the development of its members’ professional skills, offer networking possibilities and influence the development of the sector.