HCU Remote


The HCU Remote contains an electrical hydraulic pump with frequency converter control. The pump is connected by hoses to the valve actuator. The control of the valve is based on the analog signal of the position transmitter. The hydraulic system is controlled with solenoid valves based on the valve position. The default closing time for each actuator size is calculated to give a slow closing to minimize the risk of water hammer in the pipe. The closing time and different operation ramps can be calibrated because of the frequency converter. For control of the hydraulic pump and the solenoid valves, programmable logic is used. The control system can be adapted to current circumstances and requirements.


The HCU Remote is provided with equipment to be controlled remotely. To transmit signals to and from the control center common transmission methods can be used.


The Hydrox product range provides a complete hydraulic control cabinet with the following components:

  • Compact power pack with a hydraulic pump, oil tank and pressure switch
  • Electrically operated directional valves and indicators
  • Electrical cabinet with power module and frequency converter as well as heater to keep the unit free from moisture
  • Process screen on the door of the electrical cabinet

Local control

  • Control with buttons: common open, close and stop buttons, valve selection is made on the process screen
  • Diode indication for position 0-100 % open and end positions in the process screen
  • Active and old alarms in the process screen
  • Emergency stop
  • Local/Remote control switch
  • Local control overrides remote control for safety

Remote control

  • Incoming signals: open/close for each valve and common stop
  • Analog feedback signals for valve position and digital feedback signals for end positions
  • Process alarm
  • Equipment alarm

Position indication at the actuator

  • Hydrox actuator is equipped with position transmitter with analog signal and digital signals for end positions
  • Position transmitter and HCU remote cabinet are factory calibrated together with valve and actuator
  • No calibration is needed when installing the cabinet at site

Technical charasteristic

  • Dimensions 1310 x 895 x 312 mm (W x H x D)
  • Outer cabinet protection class IP34
  • Inner electric cabinet protection class IP65
  • Fluid viscosity: 10-500 mm²⁄ s
  • Filtration: ISO code 16/13; SAE class 4 or better
  • Fluid temperature: -20°C – +80°C
  • Ambient temperature: -25°C – +35°C (optional heating/cooling)
  • Motor: 0,75 kW
  • Connection voltage 400v/3-phase, 50 Hz
  • Pump flow rate 1,27 l/min
  • Recommended max. pressure 210 bar
  • Pressure limiter at 150 bar (adjustable)

Control valve block
  • Control valves: 4 pcs.
  • Max. pressure: 210 bar
Oil tank
  • Reservoir capacity: 2 l
Pressure gauge
  • Range: 0…250 bar
Process screen
  • Indicated valve positions in the process screen: 0–100% open and end positions
  • Operating switches Open, Close and Stop
  • Active and old alarms
  • Calibration of closing time and operation ramps

Technical documentation for the product


Hydrox HCU Remote Datasheet EN
Hydrox HCU Remote Datasheet EN
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Hydrox hydraulic control solutions
Hydrox hydraulic control solutions
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Operation manuals

 Hydrox HCU Remote manual
Hydrox HCU Remote manual
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