vexve balancing valves ,
manual gear, flange / flange, DN 400, reduced bore


Body DN 400 : Steel, P235GH (1.0345)
Ball DN 400 : Stainless steel, X5CrNi18-10 (1.4301)
Ball seal DN 400 : PTFE+GF
Stem DN 400 : Stainless steel, X8CrNiS18-9 (1.4305)
Stem seal DN 400 : FPM


DN 400 : Valve is equipped with manual gear

For type and features of manual gear please refer to:

Operating conditions

-20 °C – +200 °C
Below -20 °C contact manufacturer
Lowest allowed ambient temperature -40 °C

Leakage rate A (EN 12266-1)

Pressure-temperature diagram DN 65–500


DN 400

DN 400

DNPNProduct no.ABCDD1D2D3D4EH1Lkg

Product numbers and downloads

Vexve's balancing valves can be found e.g. from libraries of TA-SCOPE and SmartBalancing measuring devices.

Technical documentation for the product

Vexve Oy Finnish key flag certificate EN

Download document 622.1 kB

Declaration ​Of Conformity (DN10-25, FI, EN, SE)

Download document 168.31 kB

Vexve balancing valves, steel and stainless steel, installation, operation and maintenance manual

Download document 2.77 MB

Vexve balancing valves, adjustment Instructions DN 15-150, multilingual

Download document 875.29 kB

Balancing valves, coupling dimensions

Download document 158.53 kB

Vexve balancing valves, adjustment instructions DN 200-400, multilingual

Download document 629.14 kB

Technical information of flanges

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