Including flow and temperature measurement:

  • Suitable for detecting changing flow trends
  • The flow measurement is based on a calorimetric sensor that measures the flow rate
  • Sensor max. temperature 125 °C
  • Measurement range: 0-400 cm/s
  • Volumetric flow rate is determined by the flow rate and surface area
  • Sensor accuracy 2 % in laminar flow
  • Temperature measurement range: -25–125 °C

Flow measuring device:

  • One equipment to collect and transfer all the measured data
  • Sends information to iSENSE Online cloud service every 15 minutes
  • Data transfer method: LoRaWAN network
  • Durable and easy attachment to the wall of the chamber with DIN rail
  • Designed for demanding underground conditions
  • Includes wireless LoRaWAN transmitter and external antenna
  • Ambient temperature range: -20 - +50 °C
  • Device dimensions:160 x 240 x 90 mm
  • Power supply: batteries 8 pcs D 3,6 V
  • IP rating: IP67

Data transmission

iSENSE smart monitoring product family uses the LoRaWAN data transmission network for data transfer. For those areas where there is no existing LoRaWAN network coverage, the network can be built regionally by the base station. 

Benefits of LoRaWAN communication network for use in district energy networks:

  • wireless
  • energy efficient
  • good underground penetration
  • possibility of two-way communication
  • easy deployment in LoRaWAN coverage areas

Cloud service

Real-time monitoring of iSENSE monitoring solutions is done through the iSENSE Online cloud service. Cloud service is available from all devices, anytime, anywhere, with SSL-protected login.


Commissioning of the system and training is done by Vexve experts.

Measurement and reading

  • The system is real-time, remote, reliable and accurate. We take care of the correctness of the readings and the transfer of data to the cloud service.

Service and maintenance

  • We maintain a user-friendly interface and help with the interface solutions related to your system.
  • Our service organization ensures that the system is always up-to-date and in working order and that the components are of the latest technology.

Technical documentation for the product


Efficiency and reliability for district energy networks
Efficiency and reliability for district energy networks
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iSENSE Flow datasheet
iSENSE Flow datasheet
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iSENSE Smart monitoring solutions
iSENSE Smart monitoring solutions
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