Smart temperature control solutions

Heating controllers

Single-family house heating control with excellent expandability and ease of use, for instance, second heating circuit, wireless room units and GSM-control.

The market's most user-friendly wireless heating control, indoor temperature controlled for a single circuit.

Compact single family house heating controller, outdoor temperature controlled, simple to install and operate.

Compact controller for maintaining desired supply water temperature.

Smart control of domestic hot tap-water control with two heating circuit controls.

Mixing valves

Cast iron 4-way mixing valve boiler mounted, female thread.

Cast iron 4-way mixing valve, female thread.

Cast iron 3-way mixing valve, female thread.

Thermal loading products

Loading unit for the connection of wood boilers and thermal storage systems.

Electrically operated loading group with electronic controller.

Thermostatically controlled loading group.

Thermic 3-way loading valve for various loading systems.

Thermic 3-way diverting valve for various loading systems.