Vexve AM45 DHC


  • District heating substation, both in detached houses and small apartment blocks


  • Factory pre-mounted AM45 District Heating control system
  • Fully customized according to customer requirements, can be delivered complete or in part with:
    • Sensors with  RJ-connectors
    • Valves with different Kv-values
    • Actuators, various speeds and torques
    • Actuator cables with RJ-connectors
    • Pump cables with pump-specific connectors
    • Flow meter with RJ-connector
  • All cable lengths, pump connectors and even controller programming can be customized to customer needs to ensure quick and trouble-free installation


  • Real-flow based, smart, self-learning hot water production
  • Hot water leak alarm
  • Display of instantaneous and cumulative consumption of domestic hot water
  • Modulation of heating circuit return temperatures
  • District heating return temperature control
  • Valves and pumps maintenance operation
  • Manual operation of all actuators and pumps for quick and easy testing
  • Eliminates the need for separate wiring, junction boxes, and pump switches
  • All temperatures, valve positions and pump states are readable for quick and easy diagnostics
  • A possibility of adding wireless room units to heating circuits

Technical documentation for the product


Smart temperature control solutions
Smart temperature control solutions
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Vexve AM45 DHC Datasheet EN
Vexve AM45 DHC Datasheet EN
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Vexve AM45 District heating unit controller
Vexve AM45 District heating unit controller
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