Vexve stainless steel ball valves

Available in sizes from DN 10 to DN 250

Stainless steel ball valves

DN 10–250

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Stainless steel ball valve features

Fully welded structure of high quality materials

  • pressure vessel steel
  • suitable for many different applications and withstands varying water quality
  • lightweight and space-saving design
  • practically maintenance-free

Floating ball structure with spring loaded ball seals

  • total bi-directional tightness (EN 12266-1, leakage rate A)
  • tolerates thermal expansion axial loads
  • takes pressure shocks without damage to the structure

Blow-out safe stem construction

  • ensures safe valve operation
  • 90-degree position limiter
  • valve position is always readable

Easy to install and insulate

  • lightweight and simple to install
  • the entire valve is easy to insulate
  • no leakage risk
  • no condensation problems

Stainless steel ball valve main characteristics


  • heating and cooling systems (HVAC/R)

  • air

  • water, open and closed systems

  • ethanol, methanol, glycol, freezium, etc.


  • in sizes from DN 10 to DN 250

  • with reduced bore

  • with welded connections according to EN (DIN) standards

  • also with flanged or threaded connections

  • with manual lever, manual gear, pneumatic, electric or hydraulic actuator


  • fully welded construction

  • lightweight

  • easy to insulate

  • space saving design

  • easy to install and use

  • maintenance-free

  • long service life

  • total bi-directional tightness (EN 12266-1, leakage rate A)

  • high Kv value (minimum pressure loss, minimized pumping costs)

  • high-quality materials, suitable for many different applications

  • spring loaded PTFE ball seals

  • blow-out safe stem construction

  • stem sealing with double o-rings

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