Ostatní produkty Vexve

Plastic chamber

Plastic chamber is designed to be the optimal companion with manual and hydraulic valve operating systems of direct-buried valves.


Bodypipe / manhole:Polyethylene
Lid cover: Cast iron, 40 tons (EN124)
Manhole ring stiffness:SN1 (ISO 9969)
Chamber ring stiffness:SN2 (ISO 9969)
Weight:450 kg (default height)
Adjustable height:Bodypipe can be cut to desired length on-site. Plastic chamber is delivered with aluminium ladders.
Options:Available with different length chambers up to 10 meters. Ring stiffness classification (SN2/SN4/SN8) depending on the required length.


The chamber is equipped with a telescopic mechanism for adjustable depth and it can support itself without concrete supports.


The chamber can be used as an easy alternative to concrete valve chambers – instead of laying of concrete the polyethylene chamber can be simply placed on top of exposed actuators and landfill can be done immediately after.