Produkty Vexve Hydrox


Vexve’s Hydrox hydraulic actuator is suitable for even the most challenging installation sites and conditions. Specifically designed for district heating and district cooling applications and to operate seamlessly with Vexve’s comprehensive range of ball and butterfly valves, the Hydrox hydraulic actuator is the perfect solution for underground installation providing easy and reliable operation with maximum safety at all times.


Body:Hydrox 2: EN S355
 Hydrox 4 - 64: EN-GJS-400-15
Flange:EN S355
Indicator shaft:AISI 316L
Output shaft:42CrMo4
RecommendNeste Hydrauli 46 SUPER
hydraulic fluid:Neste Biohydrauli SE 46 or equal


Torques:2000 Nm − 64 000 Nm
Recommend pressure range:30–200 bar
Ambient temperature range:−25 ºC − +80 ºC
Rotating angle:91º
IP protection class:IP68
Corrosion resistance class:C4

Optional equipment:

  • Position transmitter/indicator (low voltage)
  • Connection block
ModelD1D2D3H1H2LOil displacement[l]Hex socket-head screw 1Hex socket-head screw 2Dry weight[kg]
Hydrox 21802091502701401410.44 x M162 x M1243
Hydrox 42102391753111291650.84 x M162 x M1265
Hydrox 82983502203121161841.56 x M202 x M12115
Hydrox 163754153004061792243.17 x M202 x M12240
Hydrox 324505103554622202514.97 x M302 x M16395
Hydrox 645155804205202422848.86 x M362 x M16590

Compatible valves

ModelProduct no.Butterfly valvesBall valves, reduced boreBall valves, full boredbISO 5211HoleDc1Dc2Dc3HcMax. stem height
Hydrox 2 80100210020 DN 125, DN 150DN 100, DN 125A20-F104 x M10102701252580
 80100212035 DN 200DN 1503510F124 x M12125851502580
 80100214035DN 300, DN 350  3510F144 x M161401001752580
 80100214040 DN 250DN 2004012F144 x M161401001752580
Hydrox 480100414040DN 400  4012F144 x M1614010017526155
 80100416050 DN 300, DN 350DN 250, DN 3005014F164 x M201651302103295
Hydrox 880100816050DN 450, DN 500  5014F164 x M2016513021032145
 80100825060DN 600  6018F258 x M1625420030032145
 80100825070 DN 400DN 3507020F258 x M1625420030032145
 80100830090 DN 500, DN 600DN 400, DN 5009025F308 x M2029823035032145
Hydrox 1680101625070DN 700   7020F258 x M1625420030035210
 80101630090DN 750, DN 800  9025F308 x M2029823041535210
 80101635100 DN 700DN 60010028F358 x M3035626041545210
Hydrox 3280103235100DN 900  10028F358 x M3035626041547260
 80103235120DN 1000DN 800DN 70012032F358 x M3035626041547260
Hydrox 6480106435120DN 1200  12032F358 x M3035626041555285
 80106440140DN 1400 DN 80014036F408 x M3640630047555285