7 / 2018

ARMATURY Group giant DN 1400 ball valves for Eustream compressor station

ARMATURY Group giant DN 1400 ball valves for Eustream compressor station 27. 7. 2018

ARMATURY Group participated in the tender for the supply of large ball valves at the end of 2017. Invitation to tender was announced by Eustream Bratislava, which operates the national gas transmission system.

"The tender was challenging, it related to DN 700, DN 1200 and DN 1400 large ball valves," explains Zdeněk Kročil, Deputy Sales Director, and continues: "Throughout the tender strong emphasis was placed on the short delivery time, as it concerned key valves for the construction of the compressor station."

ARMATURY Group acquired significant share for the supply of valves in an electronic auction. The largest valves were the aboveground DN 1400 ball valves with hydropneumatic drive. Weight of one such ball valve reaches 30 tonnes! These valves were manufactured in just four months from the date of accepting the order, which, according to Štefan Hovorka, Sales Manager, is a very short delivery term for such large valves. In total, 29 ball valves were shipped, six of which were of the abovementioned DN 1400 internal diameter. The other nine DN 1200 ball valves were fitted with hydropneumatic drive and fourteen DN 700 ball valves had manual gearbox. The total value of the order in excess of CZK 75 million represents historically the largest delivery of ball valves to Slovakia.

"The project team, composed of experts from various departments, from the designer through the welding technologist to the dispatch clerk at the end of the logistics process, ensured smooth running of the order," said Štefan Hovorka. All ball valves were successfully tested in the presence of Eustream representatives and are now being installed at the compressor station. "Presently, negotiations relating to further potential future contracts for this important company are taking place, "concludes Zdeněk Kročil.

Eustream operates high-pressure transmission network for the transmission of natural gas within Slovakia and via its territory to the European markets. Since 1972, it has supplied almost 2.5 trillion cubic meters of natural gas. Eustream placed number of orders with ARMATURY Group, which illustrates their long-term and excellent cooperation.