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Vexve, ARMATURY Group and ZMK Technologies join forces under one Vexve brand


Get to know our product brands!

  • Vexve

    Vexve is our product brand for the District Energy industry. The wide selection of valves covers the needs of district heating and cooling networks, power plants, and larger building services. Vexve also provides smart monitoring and control solutions, specifically designed for the underground district energy networks.

  • Vexve Armatury

    Under the product brand Vexve Armatury we produce specialised, highly sophisticated valves for Gas & Hydrogen, Power, and Iron & Steel industries. The valves are designed according to the customer specifications taking into account the demanding operating requirements and highest safety standards.

  • Vexve ZMK

    Our product brand Vexve ZMK includes highly specialised valve solutions for petrochemical plants and refineries. The offering includes services from consultation, engineering, and manufacturing of valves all the way to installation, commissioning, and maintenance.

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The leading European provider of mission-critical valve solutions in the transition to a low-carbon future

  1. District Energy

    Complete range of valves, and innovative control and monitoring solutions specifically designed for district heating and cooling.

  2. Power

    Valves specifically designed to meet the demanding industrial and safety requirements in power and heating plants.

  3. Iron & Steel

    Specially designed valves made with strong know-how and experience for steel mills all over the world.

  4. Petrochemical

    Tailor-made valves using world-leading valve technologies for critical service applications in the petrochemical and refinery industry.

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Steps towards a sustainable future

At Vexve, we are taking steps towards a low-carbon future in all our units. Let’s see what our sustainability goals are in the long run and how the progress is going forward at our factories around Europe.

7 / 2024

Vexve’s occupational safety is top class

The Finnish Vision Zero Forum has once again granted occupational safety level classifications to its member workplaces, and we are proud that Vexve Finland has achieved the highest "1 – World leading" rating.

4 / 2024


The leading European provider of mission-critical valve solutions in the transition to a low-carbon futureAbout us