Steps towards a sustainable future

At Vexve, we are taking steps towards a low-carbon future in all our units. Let’s see what our sustainability goals are in the long run and how the progress is going forward at our factories around Europe.

7 / 2024

Vexve’s occupational safety is top class

The Finnish Vision Zero Forum has once again granted occupational safety level classifications to its member workplaces, and we are proud that Vexve Finland has achieved the highest "1 – World leading" rating.

4 / 2024

Bringing forward superb customer experience

For the first time, Vexve Armatury Group has completed a simultaneous customer satisfaction survey for all our segments. According to the results, our biggest strengths are the quality of the products, expertise and reliability as a partner.

8 / 2023

Stronger together in Poland

Vexve Armatury Group has started a closer sales cooperation in Poland. From now on, the group's district energy and power products will be sold together enabling the group to present its customers a wider portfolio of quality products and expertise.

7 / 2023

Fairs and events

Hydrogen mission in the Netherlands shows the way

A business mission of Czech hydrogen technology suppliers to the Netherlands took place from 9 to 11 May 2023, with the aim of presenting Czech hydrogen companies at the World Hydrogen Summit & Exhibition 2023.

6 / 2023

Vexve Armatury, Innovation

New gate valve for gas

An important market in the gas industry is the Polish market, to which the ARMATURY Group has been successfully supplying for many years, especially ball valves type K92.

2 / 2023

References, Vexve Armatury, Gas & Hydrogen

24" ball valve in 30 days!

In October last year, an enquiry was received from a Hungarian customer of the ARMATURY Group for the manufacture of a K92 24" Class 600 ball valve without a single mention of the required delivery date.

2 / 2023

Vexve Armatury, Vexve Armatury, Iron & Steel

25 Tons Goggle Valve for India

An environment-friendly goggle valve DN 1800 was manufactured in the production plant of ARMATURY Group a.s. in Dolní Benešov.

11 / 2022

Vexve Armatury, Gas & Hydrogen

Ball valves for Hungarian gas tanks

Ball valves for Hungarian gas tanks 24. 8. 2022 Last autumn, the ARMATURY Group was looking for a new partner for the Gas segment in Hungary.

8 / 2022

Vexve Armatury, Gas & Hydrogen

Successful cryogenic test of ball valve K92. C

The threat of cutting off Europe from gas flowing through pipelines from the East is fueling increased interest in liquefied natural gas, also known as LNG. In addition, it is considered a possible ecological and more cost-effective alternative to diesel.

5 / 2022

Vexve Armatury, Innovation

New challenges or how it is welded in ARMATURY Group

New challenges, or how it is welded in ARMATURY Group 1. 3. 2022 A large share of the production of valves are represented by welding processes, which must meet the highest requirements for the quality of the design.

3 / 2022

Vexve Armatury

High-pressure gate valves, type S43 AG

At our online newsletter VALVES360, you can find much information about industrial valves, which company ARMATURY Group manufactures and supply to its customer. In this issue, we will expand your knowledge with a high-pressure gate valves S43.

11 / 2021

Gas & Hydrogen, Vexve Armatury

First contract for valves for transportation of natural gas with added hydrogen

Climate change mitigation is currently an important topic for the whole world. The European Commission created in July 2020 Hydrogen Strategy for a climate neutral Europe, which goal is to speed up the development of pure hydrogen and ensure that it becomes the basis for a climate neutral energy system by 2050. Gas infrastructure will be an important part of this transition to green gases.

9 / 2021

Gas & Hydrogen, Vexve Armatury

Hydrogen – what it really is?

In Europe, in the gas sector and in other industrial areas, an element, that is a part of many things around us - hydrogen - has recently come to the forefront.

9 / 2021

Iron & Steel

Czech metallurgical specials are heading to Slovakia

U. S. Steel Košice is an integrated steel company with more than 50 years of tradition and production capacity of 4.5 million tons of steel per year. The company, one of the largest in Slovakia, employs almost 11,000 people.

9 / 2021

Universal gate valves with various dimensions and pressure

Besides the ball valves, butterfly valves, metallurgy valves, and many others we also focus on the production of gate valves, which serve as shut-off valves to open and close the flow of the working medium. Our newsletter already introduces you to some valves and today we will look at gate valves type S33.1, S33.2, and S33.3.

8 / 2021

Safety of the valves in the nuclear power industry

These products are due to their demanding requirements on quality, materials, including qualified weld joint technology, as well as the range of the required documentation, fundamentally different from the other range of valves.

6 / 2021

Huge assembly headed to Norway!

A year of hard work across the departments was worth it! For our long-term customer Brødrene Dahl, we successfully manufactured four huge Butterfly valves with lever and counterweight L32 DN 1800 and two Dismantling joints M20.

4 / 2021

ARMATURY Group supplies hundreds of valves to Polish gas network

ARMATURY Group is intensively involved in the supply of valves manufactured to increase the Polish gas network with the aim to ensure independence on gas sources and to increase transported quantity both in Poland and by transit transmission to other customers in other European countries.

1 / 2021

Protegol – anticorrosive protection of valves

Requirements for anticorrosive protection of valves are very demanding in the gas industry, power industry and petrochemistry. Therefore, we apply a protective layer of Protegol coating on underground valves, which is very resistant to chemical effect of substances contained in the soil, biological affect, mechanical stress, abrasion and to aggressive environment.

1 / 2021

Huge ball valve heading to Hněvkovice

We have already been one of the ČEZ’s most important partners for a long time. During our partnership, we have built a great reputation in company ČEZ and not only because of our effort and quality work but also because of the fact that our valves perfectly resist the challenging conditions of nuclear power plants.

10 / 2020

Wrote about us…

„The launch of the profile article, „Cover Story“ in the March issue of Valve World, is the culmination of a campaign that has been going on for three years and will continue,“ says Marketing Manager Vladimíra Václavíková.

4 / 2019