1 / 2022

2021 through the statistics

What was 2021 like at ARMATURY Group? Where ARMATURY Group exported the most and which fittings are the bestsellers?

This is exactly what we will tell you in this article, where we will look at 2021 in ARMATURY Group from the point of statistics.

Splitting into segments is the right move

The fact that the division into segments is the right step is also proven by the results of sales according to the segments. Gas and power are in first place with a clear lead of 42 % and 40 %, followed by metallurgy (11 %). Petrochemicals, as well as oil and water, closed 2021 at sales at 3 % and 1 %.

The winner of 2021 is Poland

The winner of the imaginary competition in the TOP destinations by sales is Poland, followed by the Czech Republic, the Russian Federation, the Slovak Republic, Austria, Germany, France, Finland, Sweden and the TOP 10 closes the Netherlands.

Ball valves rule

In this case, there is nothing to doubt, ball valves are the best-selling product of ARMATURY Group! In the share of sales by products, ball valves received 53 % of the whole pie chart! They are followed by gate valves with 14 %, check valves with 11 %, metallurgical valves were at 5 % share and globe valves then achieved sales at the level of 4 %. The other valves accounted for a combined 13 %.

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Zdeněk Vencálek, Financial Controller