4 / 2021

21 years of ARMATURY Group – what is the company biggest principle

Last year we commemorated 20 years of ARMATURY Group.

“Behind our way to the success is an effort, ability to satisfy customer’s needs, desire to overcome obstacles and accept challenges. We built a great reputation which helps us to succeed on the market and lead us to the top manufacturer of industrial valves. At the same time, it obliges us to continue to deliver first-class services and not to fall behind,” evaluates 20 years of ARMATURY Group Petr Groh, CEO.

We can provide complete deliveries

Philosophy of our company is based on an effort to offer a complex solution and that is mainly because of a huge range of goods of manufactured valves including special design according to customer requirements. All this is complemented by the supply of pipes, metallurgical material and other equipment. The services provided include emergency, warranty and post-warranty service, services in the field of measurement and regulation, installation and commissioning, including the realization of smaller technological units. Simply put, we can provide complete deliveries.

Did you know that we dispatch around 50 000 valves per year?

Due to the huge amount and diversity of orders, we are gaining experiences which help us to expand the range of products. We would not be able to manage this huge number of orders without our qualified employees. And our employees are another second principle. A team of our employees which counts around 550 qualified experts can also handle atypical and above standard orders.

All of this makes us a reliable partner and that not only on the Czech market. We dispatch around 50 000 pieces of valves while 70% of them goes to 5 continents. You can find ARMATURY Group’s products in 70 countries all around the world!

Ball valves, check valves, gate valves, special metallurgical valves…

In ARMATURY Group we focused on manufacturing valves, technological units, related services in the field of power & heat, chemistry, petrochemistry, oil & gas, water, paper and metallurgical industry. Thanks to investments in the purchase of development and construction technologies we can constantly improve our processes, production and the products themselves. In this modern operation, we can develop and manufacture valves that can successfully face the most difficult working conditions.

Due to our own know-how and a huge range of products we can adapt our production to comply with standards by EN, ASME, GOST and others. Our portfolio is mostly made of ball valves, check valves, butterfly valves, extraction check valves, gate valves, globe valves, metallurgical valves and highly reliable valves for nuclear power.

Since 2019 we are part of Vexve Armatury Group which is a leading European provider of comprehensive solutions for the supply of industrial valves. Vexve Armatury Group which also include companies Vexve Oy and ZMK Technologies GmbH, is owned by the investment company DevCo Partners Oy.