2 / 2023

24" ball valve in 30 days!

In October last year, an enquiry was received from a Hungarian customer of the ARMATURY Group for the manufacture of a K92 24" Class 600 ball valve without a single mention of the required delivery date.

A month later, the customer contacted with an interest in this ball valve and a request for delivery before the end of 2022.

Shortened delivery time? Why not!

The standard delivery time is in the range of 16–17 weeks, so we had to act quickly. The sales manager of our company immediately contacted his colleagues from the design, purchasing and production department and it was decided whether a ball valve of these specifications could be produced in such a short time and in what design.

After consulting with colleagues, it turned out that we were able to produce this ball valve in two different designs from stock within the given timeframe, so the offer was sent to the customer on 14 November and after clarifying a few facts, the official order came in on 17 November.

Due to a public holiday and a full-work holiday, work on the contract started on 21 November. Thanks to good communication, everything went according to plan and the ball valve was shipped to the customer on 21 December.

Production time under 30 days

The actual production time was a record under 30 days! A big thank you not only to our colleagues in production, but also to our intermediary, Ekosert from Hungary.

Thanks to our mutual cooperation, the relationship with our customers in Hungary is strengthening and growing and opening up interesting opportunities and challenges, such as this "express" order.

For more information:

David Vacula, Sales Manager | Gas