7 / 2022

Activities in the Middle East

One of the strategic goals of ARMATURY Group is expansion to new markets and searching for new opportunities.

As a very interesting export market seems Kuwait, a country rich for an oil and gas deposits. For this reason, in the middle of June, ARMATURY Group representatives Stanislav Herudek and Sivaram Jayaraman went to Kuwait for a series of meetings and presentations for potential customers in this country wedged between Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

The local representative of ARMATURY Group in Kuwait, Al Mulla Group, organized a seminar in addition to the mentioned presentations, which was intended to introduce both Al Mulla Group and ARMATURY Group to a wide range of potential customers in one place. In addition to the presentations, a discussion was held during which the seminar participants had the opportunity to ask questions. Their interest was mainly directed towards the different types of valves that ARMATURY Group produces, the material and design and the market situation in general. This discussion was followed by a series of meetings.

The basic prerequisite for the supply of valves to Kuwait is the need for approval by the local state-owned companies KOC (Kuwait Oil Company) and KNPC (Kuwait National Petroleum Company). "We are now working hard on the approval processes so that we can get both approvals within a few months and participate in the tenders for the supply of valves that both these companies are launching. Due to the high demand for oil and gas, new facilities for processing these raw materials are being built throughout the Middle East region and the capacity of existing plants is being increased, which may present new opportunities for our company to expand into these markets," said Stanislav Herudek, Head of Overseas Sales at ARMATURY Group.