11 / 2022

ARMATURY Group ball valves as far away as Pakistan

In May this year, ARMATURY Group was given an order to manufacture six K92 ball valves for Pakistan's second largest natural gas infrastructure company.

Pakistani market

Over the past few years, ARMATURY Group has already delivered a number of ball valves to the Pakistani market. ARMATURY Group has thus managed to gain a good reputation and associated position in the local market.

Six all-welded ball valves in trunnion K92.24 NPS 30" class 600 design were manufactured and, after successful final acceptance in early October, shipped for another of these tenders, issued by Pakistan's second largest natural gas infrastructure construction company, Karachi-based Sui Southern Gas Company Ltd.

Despite initial communication difficulties mediated by the ARMATURY Group's agent in this country, the order went smoothly and everything was produced and shipped on time.

Ball Valve Installation

After the ball valves arrive at the construction site, they will be installed into the 127 km long pipeline branch no later than in February. This branch is connected to the continuously expanding network of the existing pipeline.

Specifically, it will run from a metering station in the east of the country's largest city, Karachi, in Sindh province to Pakland. The final transport capacity of the entire branch is expected to reach up to 600 million cubic feet per day after the testing phase, which is about 17 million cubic metres.

The cooperation with the company's agent in Pakistan continues to develop and the ARMATURY Group hopes to continue this trend.

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Ivo Dominik, Sales Manager | Gas