5 / 2018

API Monogram

ARMATURY Group successfully completed the recertification audit by API (American Petroleum Institute) and extended the validity of the API Monogram for ball valves following API specification 6D until July 2021.

As one of the few engineering companies in the Czech Republic, ARMATURY Group can supply its products for the petroleum industry with the API Monogram.

Licensee proves that it has an effectively implemented quality management system that complies with API Spec Q1 - the top quality management standard. API Spec Q1 meets all the requirements of ISO 9001, including provisions designed explicitly for the oil and gas industry.

Monogram API Spec 6D entitles ARMATURY Group to use the API character on their ball valves along with the monogram number 6D-0614, further the company may use the API Monogram Spec 6D in its documentation, at the same time, the company is listed on the licenses holders on the website api.org.