12 / 2018

ARMATURY Group continues its successful cooperation with VSB - TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF OSTRAVA

ARMATURY Group has been collaborating on the Formula Student project for a long time.

Also in 2018, ARMATURY Group was involved in the production of Formula VECTOR 04 and this collaboration brought the results for which the team members thanked and at the same time informed that they successfully represented the VSB on races in Italy.

"I would like to thank you for supporting our Formula Student team during the construction of Formula VECTOR 04 in the last season. At the races in Italy, we ended up in the 15th place out of the 47 teams, which we consider to be a great success, which also mostly belongs to you in the framework of cooperation and your support. We appreciate your cooperation, which we can not do without and we would like to continue with it next season in the construction of the 5th VECTOR 05, "says a member of the team Mr Milan Ježek.

The Formula Student is a student competition in the construction of Formula Design. The Student teams from around the world design, construct and test Formula-style racing cars and later compete with them on the prestigious racing circuits of both Europe and the United States. The aim is to design and build a real race car for a rider.