10 / 2018

ARMATURY Group flap closes a turbine at a power plant at Shoshone waterfalls in the US

ARMATURY Group has received an interesting contract from Gilbert Gilkes & Gordon Ltd. from the UK.

The flapping valve will be produced by the end of October, followed by an expedition and installation in the power plant wich itself to be commissioned in November this year.

ARMATURY Group has already supplied several valves to Gilkes, and others are in the production process. "Initial negotiation with this company was launched last year and led to get the first order.

This year we have already supplied a wafer valve for water L32.71 DN 800 PN 16 with a hydraulic cylinder, lever and weights to this company. After the successful acceptance, we have received further orders for the butterfly valves DN 350, 700 and the largest already mentioned DN 1400 valve.

This decision preceded the audit that took place in early June. "To be qualified as a strategic supplier, it was necessary to get at least 80% of the evaluation criterion. That's what we achieved when we reached 91 %, and we could be ranked as a strategic supplier", says area sales manager Eva Riedlová.

GILBERT GILKES & GORDON LTD. from the United Kingdom is engaged in the production of turbines for smaller hydropower plants. It focuses mainly on the domestic market, but also has buyers in other countries.

"In the future, Gilkes should order at our company other butterfly valves, but also ball valves of different sizes to the already won projects," concludes Eva Riedlová.