1 / 2019

ARMATURY Group is one of the leading suppliers of the Gaz-System

Since 2014, ARMATURY Group has been involved in deliveries for the Korytarz Pólnoc - Poludnie gas pipeline, the most important investment program supported by the European Union in Poland.

The Polish Gas Development Plan for 2014-2023, apart from the main gas pipeline branches, includes the construction of new and repairs of old local gas networks.

„Given the number of individual parts of the construction deliveries, we can say that we are one of the leading suppliers of the Gaz-System. The year 2018 was particularly successful, we supplied 222 ball valves to the Gaz-System, more than half of them were large and medium-sized. Ball valves DN 1000 will be 26, 14 pieces were dispatched last year, the rest will be delivered this year. The other 14 ball valves were DN 800, 42 DN 600 and 37 DN 200-500. Our high-pressure gas gate valves S43.3 are also part of our deliveries. In size DN 200 to 300, we produced 48 units for Gaz-System. The total volume of both commodities exceeds CZK 100 million," says Sales Manager for Poland Karel Malchárek.

Such extensive orders also bring complications. The condition of Gaz-System, accepting each produced piece in the presence of an independent inspector, removing the capacity on test sites, and chroming of ball valves at the time when chromium factories are closed due to the ecological impact on the environment, makes it harder to meet the delivery deadline.

Gaz-system ensures transport of gas propellants across whole Poland. They handle about 10 000 km of pipelines, 14 compress stations and 884 gas stations. The ARMATURY Group company has been successfully cooperating with Gaz-system for ten years.