10 / 2021

ARMATURY Group plans to invest millions in automation

Company ARMATURY Group is one of the leaders in the production of industrial valves in Europe.

One of the ways is to invest in new machinery, automation and robotization, with the goal of making production more efficient. ARMATURY Group intends to invest 4 million EUR in the near future in the purchase of new production technologies.

The biggest investment is the purchase of a multifunctional machining center, which will enable the company to expand its product line with new types of valves. Thanks to the high-precision machining of one piece of a valve within one clamping, compliance with tolerances will be achieved. Of course, fully automatic tool changing is a feature of all heads, with the heads being continuously rotatable, straight and angular.

The machine will be equipped with a rotary table with carousel function, the diameter of the table clamping plate is 4,500 mm with a maximum turning diameter of 6,500 mm and with a clamping plate. These technical parameters make it possible to manufacture valves of large dimensions.

The acquisition of technology of similar dimensions is financially demanding and time-consuming process, divided into several stages, where a team of people has been working for a long time. Now the preparatory phase is underway with the goal to prepare the production area for the installation of the new machine tool. The expected delivery date of the machine itself is scheduled for the beginning of next year.

In addition to the multi-functional machining center, the company will acquire two more machine tools, a pressure bench, automatic and robotic welding workstations. ARMATURY Group is serious about industrial automation and these investments in new technologies clearly demonstrate it. The company is counting on it to increase its competitiveness while opening its door to new opportunities and new markets.

For more information: Lukáš Kušnír, Director of Research and Development