4 / 2019

ARMATURY Group produces valves up to -196°C

ARMATURY Group has expanded its product portfolio with a new line of cryogenic ball valves.

The development of these special valves, which can be exposed to temperatures up to -196°C, took less than three years. As part of the development task, the company introduced a new production and testing technology, successfully tested the new prototypes on the new cryogenic test equipment.

Research and development play a significant role in ARMATURY Group. The R&D team is continuously monitoring trends in industrial markets. Many liquefaction terminals are currently under construction in the world to liquefy natural gas to be transported by shipping to countries that are dependent on mineral resources. Liquefaction takes place at a temperature of about -162°C, which is a very demanding process.

„In ARMATURY Group, we decided in 2016 to establish a project for the development of cryogenic ball valves, thanks to which natural gas can be liquefied. The VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava cooperated with us on the project, the Ministry of Industry and Trade partially covered the funding. After the introduction of the new production technology and the production of prototypes K91.C and K92.C, the products had to be tested and certified.

The cryogenic test according to BS 6364 is carried out by immersing the ball valve in a liquid nitrogen bath having a temperature of -196°C and subjecting the ball valve to a defined internal overpressure by helium. The measuring device then monitors possible leaks of helium in the saddle and to the external environment. The test itself is technically and time-demanding, and we are delighted that our cryogenic ball valves have passed the test excellent, ”says research and development director Ing. Lukáš Kušnír.

ARMATURY Group has thus become a certified manufacturer of cryogenic ball valves up to -196°C, offered under the designations K91.C and K92.C. The company has been operating on the market since 2000 and is a leading manufacturer of industrial valves in the Czech Republic, supplying its products to more than 70 countries around the world, mainly to the oil and gas industry, energy, petrochemicals and metallurgy.