7 / 2022

ARMATURY Group started production on a multifunctional machine centrum. What can this machine do?

According to the investment plan, last year ARMATURY Group launched one of the largest investments, namely the purchase of a multifunctional machine FRUF 500/8.

These days, the machine is already in operation, and it participates in the production of valves with AG brand mark, especially for valves with large dimensions. The machine is equipped with a rotary table with carousel function with a maximum turning diameter of 6500 mm and allows high-precision machining of the part in one clamping. However, the start-up of the centrum was preceded by extensive construction work in the hall where the machine was subsequently to be installed.

Massive foundations were a must

This multifunctional multi-axis machine weighs more than 200 tons, which is comparable to the weight of 125 cars. Due to the weight of this machine, it was necessary to build a massive foundation. To illustrate, here is a brief overview of the main volumes of material in the foundations of this facility. The concrete foundation of the machine is 284 m3, the shape reinforcement of the foundation consists of 38 tons of iron, special protective coatings cover 350 m2. The shape of the foundation was complex, with many penetrations and technological canals. The drilling of the anchor pockets for the machine had to be carried out in collaboration with a surveyor to maintain accuracy of dimensions and spacing. This was required to within millimeters, which as you will admit is quite a challenge for the construction profession.

Great cooperation is cornerstone

It is necessary to mention the excellent cooperation with the main contractor and his subcontractors. Considering that the construction of the machine took place at the top of the COVID-19 pandemic and its mutations, it is necessary to highlight the efforts of all contractors to meet deadlines with the required quality and accuracy. A big thank you for their patience also goes to employees who were exposed to dust, noise and problems with the logistics of construction materials during the construction period.

Benefits of the machining centrum

The FRUF 500/8 had its operational debut on 14 June 2022, when the first sharp order was launched. It was the machining of the body and plate of the check valve C09.6, DN 900, PN 63 using the so-called one-piece clamping technology without drilling and lapping these components together.

The assembled valve on the pressure bench succeeded. The innovation is that the drilling was previously carried out on a conventional machine. Now it is made so that the body and the plate are completely made separately with such precision that no drilling is necessary. The machined components go directly into the assembly.

And what are the parameters of this FRUF multifunctional multi-axis machining centrum?

  • it can turn up to 8 meters in diameter
  • thanks to the fixed and carousel table, it can mill workpieces up to 7 meters long
  • machines sealing rails and triple eccentricity
  • can machine more complex and large valves

... and much more.

We believe that this equipment will increase work efficiency and production capacity. The fact that the ARMATURY Group is serious about industrial automation is demonstrated by further investments in machine tools, pressure tables, automatic and robotic welding. But more about that next time...