1 / 2021

ARMATURY Group supplies hundreds of valves to Polish gas network

ARMATURY Group is intensively involved in the supply of valves manufactured to increase the Polish gas network with the aim to ensure independence on gas sources and to increase transported quantity both in Poland and by transit transmission to other customers in other European countries.

General projects are called “Baltic Pipe Project” and “North-South Gas Corridor”. When finished, the gas network from both projects will cover Norway, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Croatia.

These two projects, both supported by European Union, includes not only main branch of gas pipeline Baltic Pipe, Poland-Latvia, Poland-Slovakia, but they also include construction of additional new gas pipeline, reconstruction of gas pipeline, compression, and transfer stations.

ARMATURY Group – significant supplier for GAZ SYSTEM

ARMATURY Group followed up on pilot projects realized in 2016-2017 and since 2018 became one of the main suppliers of the operator of Polish gas pipeline, GAZ-SYSTEM, in whole range of ball valves and special gate valves for natural gas. Technical specifications, materials selection, control, testing and other customer requirements were completely implemented into the realized deliveries.

Valves for compression stations

The gas pipeline includes also measuring/transfer station located at the border of individual countries as well as compress stations which increase pressure and gas flow in the gas pipeline and ensure its transport for long distance. One of the huge investments was the construction of the compress station Kędzierzyn-Koźle which is located only 50 km from ARMATURY Group and was one of the primary investments in the development of Polish gas network. We delivered to this compression station more than 950 valves of different size and the main part was delivery of 51 huge DN 1000 ball valves. In total, we delivered 349 ball valves for gas pipeline in Poland in 2020!

Innovation, development and certification according to customer requirements

ARMATURY Group is intensively preparing to participate in other part of the projects which will be implemented in the above-mentioned countries. The process of innovation of existing valves, development of new types of valves, certification and harmonization of our standards and requirements of individual customers are in progress. In addition to the mentioned ball valves and gate valves, we have also delivered special check valves.

The company follows up to the realized deliveries and is ready to prove, that it is rightfully one of the main suppliers of valves for gas industry.

For more information: Michael Slaný, Sales Manager for Poland