2 / 2017

ARMATURY Group’s valves are heading to Russia

In February 2017, ARMATURY Group finished the production of special valves for the Russian Severstal Metallurgical Combine. The order includes 14 different valves with flow up to 1400 mm.

One of the biggest valve was the SNORT throttling valve with weight of 8 tons. Basically it is a set which is composed of throttling valve with diameter of 1400 mm and exhaust device called “Silencer”. The total height of the device reaches over 6 meters.

SNORT will be assembled in the inlet pipe of cold air to the air heater. Silencer should be in a vertical position above the body of the throttling valve. Due to the size and weight of the entire device the assembly in the metallurgical operation is not possible without a crane.

Severstal is one of Russia's largest steel producers and ARMATURY Group is counted among his stable and proven suppliers for many years. The project covers reconstruction of wind heaters no. 3 on the blast furnace no.1 in Čerepovec. Only under this project ARMATURY Group will deliver valves in the value nearly 370,000 EUR to Severstal. ARMATURY Group also supplies to other Russian steelworks for example EVRAZ NTMK Nizhny Tagil, EVRAZ ZSMK in Novokuznetsk, Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Combine or Novolipetsk Metallurgical Combine in Lipetsk.