11 / 2019

Balanced heating and cooling system generates savings

Completed in 2018, the Syvälahti community centre is a modern building complex that provides extensive services to the inhabitants of Hirvensalo in Turku, Finland.

The Vexve Oy balancing valves selected for the project ensure a consistent indoor temperature and last through the entire life cycle of the building's heating and cooling system.

Balancing valves have a central role in balancing closed networks, such as the heating and cooling systems of buildings. Balancing valves are used to improve the energy efficiency of a building and to ensure even indoor temperatures throughout the building.

The comprehensive portfolio of Vexve and Naval contains balancing valves with welded and flanged connections up to size DN 250 in stainless steel and up to DN 300 in steel. This spring, the product family was expanded by balancing valves with integrated press fit connections.

High-quality products for a durable outcome

Completed in summer 2018, the Syvälahti community centre in Hirvensalo in Turku, Finland, was executed as an alliance project by The City of Turku, NCC, Caverion, and Verstas Architects. The 11,370 m² complex provides the inhabitants of the area extensive services in modern premises that host e.g. a primary and secondary school, a day-care centre, a library, youth services, a child and maternity clinic, and school health services.

The alliance formed for the Syvälahti community centre project has given the building a joint five-year warranty. For this reason, the quality of the products selected for the project was of key importance. This is why the heating and cooling system of the community centre uses balancing valves by Vexve and Naval.

“The valves by Vexve and Naval have never been a cause of concern for us. We received reliable and high-quality valves for the project at a reasonable price,” says Jyrki Kivinen, project manager at Caverion, who was responsible for implementing the heating and water systems in the community centre.

Good availability and the fact that the products were Finnish served as an argument for selecting Vexve's products. In addition to the factories located in Finland, Vexve's and Naval's products are widely available through Finnish construction wholesalers. Up-to-date product information and expert services are also available in Finnish and other languages.

The keys to an energy-efficient heating and cooling system

The Syvälahti community centre is heated by geothermal heat supported by district heating. Geothermal heat is used also for cooling with the help of heat pumps. The well-planned heating and cooling system and Vexve's balancing valves play a key role in ensuring that heat and cold get divided evenly in the multi-faceted building through radiator heating, floor heating, and radiant ceiling panels. The use of balancing valves also reduces noise issues with radiator valves.

“Thanks to good products and good expertise, the adjustments in the building were successful on the first go,” Kivinen says.

Thanks to their high-quality materials and maintenance-free structure, the Vexve balancing valves will serve the end customer, the City of Turku, effectively and reliably over the entire life cycle of the heating and water network of the Syvälahti community centre.

Vexve Oy products used in the project:

  • Vexve and Naval DN 65–150 balancing valves, welding/welding
  • Vexve and Naval DN 65–150 ball valves, welding/welding

Working in an alliance model is becoming increasingly common

The Syvälahti community centre was executed as an alliance project by The City of Turku, NCC, Caverion, and Verstas Architects. This was one of the first alliance projects for Turku.

“Working in an alliance model is becoming increasingly common and is constantly developing,” says Jyrki Kivinen, heating and water system project manager responsible for pipes at Caverion.

In an alliance project, the key players of the project form a joint organisation, which is responsible for the goals and risks of the project. The goal is the best possible end result for all parties financially and in terms of quality.

“Good cooperation reduces costs and delays. Additionally, the quality is better when the aim is to find solutions that are the best in the big picture,” Kivinen lists the advantages of the alliance model. “We have no problems, only solutions,” he summarises.

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