2 / 2018

Children from Ludgeřovice took part in an excursion at ARMATURY Group

On 8th February 2018, a group of talented children from the Ludgeřovice Elementary School took part in an excursion at ARMATURY Group.

The group of 11 pupils aged between 9 and 12 years arrived together with their teacher to Dolní Benešov.

They were welcomed in a meeting room by Mr Jiří Bartusek who presented information about the company’s history, valves and their function, usage and production process. He prepared the presentation in a funny way due to better understanding of children. The children were instructed about the safety issues, equipped with helms and the excursion follows. They were familiarized with the whole production process – material preparation, single parts production, welding, assembly, testing, machining, blasting, painting, packing and expedition.

They were inquisitive, Mr Bartusek was answering their questions and we were pleased that they enjoyed the excursion. After the excursion, the children got a ‘little test’ to find out what they remembered. They also got some marketing materials, papers and coloured pencils and they were asked to draw a picture from the excursion, in change of which they will receive a keepsake of the ARMATURY Group visit.