7 / 2022

Conference HUTNÍK 2022 or what is new in the world of metallurgy

The meeting of people working in metallurgy segment has in ARMATURY Group a tradition.

The conference HUTNÍK 2022 on the topic "Special valves for metallurgical plants, their operation and maintenance in practice" was held on 16 June 2022 at the ARMATURY Group and at the Panský mlýn restaurant. The aim of this event was to present the news in the field of special and metallurgical valves, to get acquainted with the offered range of the company, to show the production capacities and investments in modern machinery. Last but not least, this event offered a unique opportunity to exchange experiences in the operation of metallurgical valves among the conference participants.

It all started at the production halls

The whole conference was divided into two parts, starting in the morning in the meeting rooms of the ARMATURY Group. Here, registration, safety briefing and welcome speech were held by Sami Leinonen, Sales Director of the Metallurgy segment and Zdeněk Kročil, Sales Director of Central Europe. This was followed by a two-hour tour of the production halls, technological facilities and equipment of the ARMATURY Group production plant. The participants appreciated the modern equipment, cleanliness and safety of the working environment. They also got a sneak peek of the work in progress of production orders and took a keen interest in the business cases that go to their plants.

Conference full of metallurgical news

The second part of the conference moved to the nearby Panský mlýn restaurant in Opava, where a delicious lunch was followed by a block of presentations and discussions. The first speaker was Zdeněk Kročil, who introduced the company and the team of experts and engineers in the metallurgy segment.

After this introducing, the technical director, Petr Heider, gave a presentation focused on "Development, news and experience with the production of metallurgical valves" and introduced the participants to the production possibilities of metallurgical valves in the ARMATURY Group, their development and news from the range.

After a small coffee break, the guests, representatives of metallurgical companies, were given the opportunity to speak. A very interesting presentation was prepared by Mr. Marián Pietrzyk and Mr. Michal Bouček from Třinecké železárny. They informed about the progress of the construction of the new wind heater No. 62 and the investments planned for the following period. They supplemented their very interesting presentation with interesting photo documentation.

Bowling tournament

The official part of the conference was closed by Sami Leinonen, who thanked all the guests and the conference organizers for their participation. He also assured the business partners that ARMATURY Group values cooperation and is building a long-term working relationship with its clients. The final touch was a gala dinner and a bowling tournament. Throughout the day there were many discussions and dialogues, there was a friendly atmosphere, and everyone took away from the conference a lot of ideas and suggestions for further cooperation.

The conference was attended by representatives of metallurgical plants and design organizations from the Czech and Slovak Republics. Specifically, Třinecké železárny, U.S. Steel Košice, TERMOSTAV – MRÁZ, BKB Metal, PAUL WURTH and ENEXIS.

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Zdeněk Kročil, Sales Director of Central Europe | Metallurgy