7 / 2018

Customers rely on Vexve's quality and delivery capability

Vexve has earned the trust of its customers and partners during its almost 60 years of operations. Vexve is well-known for high quality and fast deliveries accompanied by first-class customer service and technical expertise.

The company's supply chain is optimized to the highest level and closely monitored by customer satisfaction and production-related indicators. The result of the latest customer satisfaction survey was excellent.

Vexve's good reputation is based on the seamless cooperation and common goals of procurement, production, logistics and customer service, where performance is accurately measured. Vexve optimizes and evaluates the efficiency of its supply chains by means of measures in the reliability of supply, delivery performance, and customer satisfaction.

In autumn 2017, The Customer Relationship Consultancy customer satisfaction survey involved 500 respondents in more than 35 countries, in areas ranging from procurement to senior management. The survey measured general satisfaction with Vexve and its activities. The results were excellent and Vexve’s performance was of the highest level in all areas measured.

"It's great to be working with Vexve, a company who take customer satisfaction extremely seriously, and the results from the first round of The Referral Rating customer feedback survey are very positive. The response rate of 63 percent is comfortably above our norm and indicates a strong level of customer engagement. Vexve also achieved a high Advocate rating of 8.34, again well above our norm of 7.56. The overall balance of feedback was strongly positive with product quality seen as a principal strength, and the results indicate Vexve have a well-established market reputation. Vexve’s use of The Referral Rating customer feedback programme demonstrates their commitment to listening to their customer base and using the feedback to drive their own programmes of continuous improvement”, Andrew Denison, partner of the Customer Relationship Consultancy, comments.

In particular, Vexve was praised for the quality of its products, delivery capability, responsiveness, customer service and technical competence.

Below, you can learn more about how Vexve built a world-class supply chain and read comments from the customer satisfaction survey!

Guaranteed Vexve quality

“I am evaluating only in terms of product quality and there I am fully satisfied. For our people on the frontline, product quality is the most important thing, and here there is no comparison with the competition. Just keep it up!"

Vexve's product quality is based on high-quality components, our employee’s expertise and more than 50 years of district heating and cooling experience in more than 30 countries. All Vexve products are manufactured in accordance with the highest quality standards in our Sastamala and Laitila facilities in Finland. Modern, highly automated and certified (PED, ISO 3834-2, EN 12266-1, EHP003) production guarantees that the products delivered to our customers are of the highest quality and have a long service life.

Optimized supply chain

”Good information about products, prices and delivery times. They keep their promises in terms of delivery.”

Our production controls are optimized according to customer needs, ensuring that we can deliver the most common valves directly from our warehouse (about 300 items) quickly and efficiently.

We measure our product availability to customers on a monthly basis and ensure that our service remains at a high level.

Professional customer service

“Customer service is of a high level and gives a feeling of 100% commitment to solving problems that have arisen. That translates into a highly comfortable partnership."

Vexve’s customer is always the center of focus. Our ten-person customer service team, together with the technology and sales department, serve Vexve's customers in more than 10 different languages. You will get a reply on all issues as quickly as possible with 95% of queries answered no later than the next working day.