1 / 2022

Gate valves of large size represents ARMATURY Group in the Netherlands

In 2021, ARMATURY Group received a very significant order, namely for the supply of 23 pieces of gate valves S33.4, in DN from 1000 up to DN 1400.

Major project based on reliable supply

Winning this contract was the result of several years of effort supported by reliable supplies in the past. ARMATURY Group is not supplying to this steel plant for the first time. In the past, it has supplied similar gate valves through a Dutch partner. Based on good references, ARMATURY Group was approached as a potential supplier for this important project, directly by the end user.

"The first contact took place in 2018 with the Czech design office, which processed the project. We managed to push our types of valves into the project. Then there was a long wait and negotiation regarding financing, followed by an evaluation of the impact of the project on the environment and, of course, price auctions by customers. After three years, the whole effort paid off," recalls Petr Bolík about the beginnings of the project.

Helping to reduce our carbon footprint

The TATA Steel plant on the North Sea coast belongs to the group of the Indian concern TATA. In particular, the Dutch plant employs around 9 000 workers. As part of the European Union's strategy to reduce its carbon footprint, the EU and the Dutch government have tasked the steel plant with either reducing its carbon footprint or closing all substandard plants.

The company's management has decided to accept the new requirements and has approved investments in new compliant technologies that will ensure the reduction of CO2 emissions in the future and operation in the coming years. These are several larger or smaller projects in the coming years, and this just completed contract is one of the first implemented.

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Radim Pochopien, Sales Manager - West and East Europe | Metallurgy