2 / 2023

Gate valves S33.5 with non-standard coating heading to Austria

In September last year, the ARMATURY Group took on an order for a gate valves type S33.5 with a non-rising stemand an extension of the control.

This requirement from the customer was due to the location of the gate valves in a location where there is insufficient space and it is not possible to operate the gate valves locally directly at the end of the shaft.

Measurements at the customer's site

After accepting the order, it was necessary to arrange personal meetings and travel directly to the customer, voestalpine Stahl in Austria, where the length of the required control extension was measured, the dimensions of the bypass and the correct direction to place the bypass were determined.

The design department of the ARMATURY Group then drew up a design for the gate valves, which was approved by the customer and the gate valves could go into production. The customer requested gate valves in DN 1200 and DN 1400 and PN 10. Earlier this year, the DN 1400 gate valves were completed, and the DN 1200 gate valves will be delivered by the customer in April 2023 due to the postponement of the shutdown.

Special coating

The biggest challenge of this project was the special requirement for an anti-vegetative interior protective coating against sediment, algae and living creatures such as clams, mussels and other bivalves. This coating, which was applied for the first time in our company, was not easy to find as it was not available in the Czech Republic at all. We managed to obtain the paint from abroad and finish the slide according to the customer's wishes.

These gate valves, driven by an AUMA gearbox actuator, will replace the old valves that the customer has used since 1940 in a hydropower plant that draws river water from the Danube.

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Martin Chalupa, project manager | Power