3 / 2020

Giant Butterfly valves DN 2600 for Nuclear Power Plant Temelin

Giant Butterfly valves DN 2600 for Nuclear Power Plant Temelin 9. 3. 2020 Two Butterfly valves L32 DN 2600 and the assembling insert M20 from ARMATURY Group will be located at the cooling towers at the Nuclear Power Plant Temelin.

The valves will serve to shut down the cooling between both operating blocks.

„At the beginning of the whole project, the designers faced a major challenge. They had to design a completely new solution that would be suitable for this demanding operation. To meet all the requirements of the client, we designed a set of two butterfly valves L32.61 DN 2600 supplemented with an assembling insert M20.31 DN 2600 and two pipe elbows. For ease of assembly, we have added adjustable pedestals under butterfly valves and we have created a set with a total weight over than 50 tons, which is provided with an anti-corrosion coating,“ says Sales Manager for Nuclear power Rostislav Šárovský.

In the end, the ARMATURY Group will supply these two sets to the Temelin Nuclear Power Plant. The company already delivered the first set of valves at the end of last year. The demandingness of the whole project is also demonstrated by the preparation itself before the installation of the valves into the piping system ETE. First, we did a trial assembly in the power plant warehouse. The installation in live operation is planned for the first half of this year.

„CEZ representatives greatly appreciated the cooperation of our designers and engineers with their system engineers and operations managers. I am convinced that this demanding project will be carried out as expected and that our good cooperation with CEZ will continue,“ concludes Rostislav Šárovský.

ARMATURY Group is one of the most important suppliers of CEZ in the supply of valves. CEZ Group is an established, integrated energy group with operations in a number of Central and Southeastern European countries and Turkey. The Group's core business is the generation, distribution, trade in, and sales of electricity and heat, trade in and sales of natural gas, and coal extraction.