4 / 2021

Huge assembly headed to Norway!

A year of hard work across the departments was worth it! For our long-term customer Brødrene Dahl, we successfully manufactured four huge Butterfly valves with lever and counterweight L32 DN 1800 and two Dismantling joints M20.

These our products create two huge assemblies which each of them consists of Butterfly valve + Dismantling joint + Butterfly valve. The Dismantling joint consists of the Dismantling joint itself type M20.21 DN 1800 and an intermediate piece, which is equipped for example with an inspection entry into the pipeline, drain, bypass and other connections. Each assembly weighs over 20 tons and the total length of the set will be 3.9 meters.

Where can you find these assemblies?

The goal destination was one of the biggest and mainly historically most important hydropower plant in Rjukan in Norway. This hydropower plant called Mår is well known for being redesigned in the 30s into a factory where the heavy water needed for production of a nuclear reactor and development of a nuclear bomb was produced.

Since 1948 is running again as hydropower plant. The interesting thing about this hydropower plant is that the supply pipeline from the lake is 1 250 meters long and it goes through mountains tunnel. And water from this lake flows through our valves to this power plant. It is therefore a very important part of the hydropower plant.

We consider this order as a great, worldwide reference to safety butterfly valves controlled by hydraulic cylinder, which is protecting turbines in hydropower plants. We are glad that ARMATURY Group can provide its customer with a safe and reliable solution.