10 / 2020

Huge ball valve heading to Hněvkovice

We have already been one of the ČEZ’s most important partners for a long time.

We have already been one of the ČEZ’s most important partners for a long time. During our partnership, we have built a great reputation in company ČEZ and not only because of our effort and quality work but also because of the fact that our valves perfectly resist the challenging conditions of nuclear power plants.

Great and successful cooperation with this company is a very beneficial reference for us. At the end of July, we added a ball valve DN 1400 with an incredible weight of 26 000 kg to recent delivery of a double set of check valves DN 2600 for Temelín nuclear power plant.

In the water reservoir Hněvkovice, which supplies cooling water to the Temelín nuclear power plant, the original valve from the Czech manufacturer ČKD Blansko was connected to the main pipeline. Exactly this valve was replaced by our ball valve.

Set of ball valve with assembling insert DN 1400

Even before the design of the valve itself, our designers went for a visit to the water reservoir Hněvkovice to find out the necessary dimensions and requirements so that a new solution could be designed specifically for the customer. The goal of this visit was to produce the new valve fully suitable to be installed without further construction modifications. In our production, despite of the obstacles with the import of material from Italy associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, a set of ball valves and mounting inserts with modern operation by a hydraulic actuator was created. Pressure tests, which were performed before the shipment of the ball valve, showed multiple times higher tightness than required in the technical specification.

One day dispatch and the next day assembly - JUST IN TIME

While the set of ball valve with mounting insert was dispatched from ARMATURY Group, the original valve was dismounted in Hněvkovice. The next day, our ball valve replaced the original one.

Of course, our role in the project does not end by finishing the design, production and assembly. Next step is providing of services and possibly diagnostics. We are currently preparing other projects for ČEZ, such as a project for emergency systems of the highest safety class.

We believe that ARMATURY Group will prove the quality and reliability of its services in other projects.