6 / 2021

iSENSE Flow – For measuring flow and temperature of the district energy networks

Vexve’s iSENSE product family is expanding as Vexve launches a new smart flow measurement solution.

The new iSENSE Flow solution enables cost-effective flow and temperature measurement of the district energy network.

The measurement of iSENSE Flow is based on a calorimetric sensor that is used to measure the flow rate of the network. Accurate measurement data can be utilized to optimize network operations more efficiently. In addition to flow data, iSENSE Flow can be used to monitor regional heat consumption, validate computational models, and detect changing flow trends in the network.

iSENSE Flow includes a separate, compact-sized measuring device and a calorimetric sensor. The calorimetric sensor is also possible to retrofit into a pressurized network. The monitoring device can be easily mounted on the chamber’s wall and the device is battery-powered, which is why an external power supply is not required. The data is transferred wirelessly to the iSENSE Online cloud service, providing up-to-date flow and temperature measurement data.

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Vexve’s iSENSE product family consists of smart monitoring solutions specifically designed for underground district heating and cooling networks. The real-time measurement data provided by iSENSE product family helps to improve network efficiency, provides tools for condition monitoring, and enables fast leakage detection.