3 / 2022

New challenges or how it is welded in ARMATURY Group

New challenges, or how it is welded in ARMATURY Group 1. 3. 2022 A large share of the production of valves are represented by welding processes, which must meet the highest requirements for the quality of the design.

Welding processes must be carried out based on pre-qualified welding procedures which have been subjected to a series of non-destructive and destructive tests with the result of the prescribed standards. These qualified procedures are tied to several variables, e.g., production standard, quality of basic materials, welding method, thicknesses and diameters of basic materials, welding position, heat treatment of the weld joint and so on. ARMATURY Group has more than 220 qualified welding procedures.

Qualification of new welding procedures

Because of new projects, currently also within the Vexve Armatury Group, i.e., for Vexve and ZMK Technologies, ARMATURY Group qualifies other new welding procedures. It must respond immediately to the demands of new materials and design solutions, and constantly develop. In the first month of 2022 alone, ARMATURY Group had to qualify six new welding procedures, and more are ahead of them.

The qualification of the welding procedure itself is only part of the success of a well-managed order. Another part is qualified welding personnel with a good knowledge of materials. At ARMATURY Group, he regularly trains regular employees. Each welder has several welding licenses according to the welding method and type of material. ARMATURY Group has newly managed to qualify welders for nickels and nickel alloys. They successfully manage to increase the capacity of mechanized workplaces by training new welding operators and are not afraid of new challenges.

As part of a possible capacity increase, the company cooperates with external suppliers of qualified welders. To verify the quality, these welders must demonstrate their skill on the test sample before entering production.

New challenges in the form of new materials, types of welded joints, special customer requirements are the driving force for welding technology. There is always an effort to prepare qualified documents in the pre-production stage. Properly processed documents are the basis for the success of the feasibility of production.

Thanks to all these new welding personnel qualifications and welding process qualifications, ARMATURY Group can expand its capabilities in the field of welding. By constantly expanding the possibilities, the company strives to meet all the requirements of its customers.

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David Scheffczik, Welding Technologist