2 / 2023

New gate valve for gas

An important market in the gas industry is the Polish market, to which the ARMATURY Group has been successfully supplying for many years, especially ball valves type K92.

In addition to ball valves, there are also requirements for a special type of gate valves designed especially for the natural gas medium.

The basic requirement for this type of gate valve is an all-welded design as with ball valves. In the past, we have offered all-welded gate valves based on the forged type, which is very demanding in terms of machining capacity due to its design. A large part of the base material has to be removed, which does not contribute to the ecology. The final product is high quality, but also heavy and relatively expensive.

Due to the ever increasing competition on the market and the resulting pressure on price, we at the ARMATURY Group decided to develop a new type of all-welded gas gate valve. We have used our long-standing experience in the design and manufacture of the S43.3 welded gate valve. The result is the complete S43.3 range of all-welded gate valves made from moulded blanks. The advantages of the new design are its modularity, lower weight, reduced machining, lighter and greener design while maintaining the same performance characteristics. These are the main benefits both in terms of end customer requirements and production economics.

The first of these gate valves went to Poland to one of Europe's largest gas companies, Gaz System. For the Gustorzyn-Wronów-Dolna Odra project, we supplied a total of 60 pieces of S43.5 gate valves, which are welded from sheet metal blanks. The scope of the order was in sizes DN 150 to DN 500. We are proud of the fact that our new type of gate valve meets all the technical requirements of the customer and the high demands on quality.

We see that even in this product segment we have managed to compete with competitors from all over the world and at the same time we have expanded our portfolio of welded valves with another great product.

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Lukáš Kušnír, R&D | Product Management Director