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New sales organization – introducing directors and managers

With the new year a change in the organization of sales in ARMATURY Group. In the spring of 2021, the management of the Vexve Armatury Group, of which ARMATURY Group is a part, accepted a new strategy for 2021-2024.

The main points of the strategy include a precise definition of the areas in which the group will develop further in the future. These are the five industrial segments: Gas & Hydrogen, Power, Iron & Steel, District Energy and Petrochemical.

In connection with this strategy, Vexve Czechia has made a change in the organization of sales since 1 January 2022, which is now divided according to these segments. Preparation for this change began in the autumn of 2021 with the gradual redistribution of the sales team into three main groups – gas, power and metallurgy, including customer segmentation, preparation of sales plans, business cost plans and distribution of employees into offices.

Toward big goals

Vexve Czechia wants to be the market leader in Central and Eastern Europe, wants to actively develop in Western Europe and beyond Europe, and continue to strengthen its position in the Gulf markets. The main goal of these steps is to provide customers with a better business service, better share and use experience in the production and operation of valves, and overall be successful in each segment. Customer satisfaction remains number one priority.

Winning team

As part of the new business organization, ARMATURY Group established three new departments, according to individual strategic segments. Let's introduce the directors and managers of individual departments.


Business Director: Libor Kremel
Sales Director – Central Europe: Michael Slaný
Sales Director – West Europe: Petr Bolík
Sales Director – Eastern Europe and CIS: Zbyněk Patschka
Sales Director – Overseas: Stanislav Herudek


Business Director: Ingo Leufgen
Sales Director – Western Europe: Christian Schmitz
Sales Director – Central Europe: Zdeněk Kročil
Business Manager – West and Eastern Europe: Hana Vítková


Business Director: Adam Bajer
Head of Sales – Steam & Nuclear: Aleš Riemel
Head of Sales – Hydro: Stefan Kölbl
Head of Service, Aftermarket: Milan Rotter

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Libor Kremel

Director, Gas & Power



Gas & Hydrogen, Power

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