5 / 2021

Perfect service 24/7 is guiding principle or how to turn an old gate valve into a new one!

Warranty and post warranty service is in ARMATURY Group one of the most important services, which the company provides to its customers.

The collaboration does not end with the delivery of goods – valves, in our case. The AG service team travel to small and large disorders and repairs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In this article, we will tell you what the main task of our service team is and what they must deal with. We will also show you one of the recent overhauls, where our employees (due to their excellent skills) managed to repair and return to service a valve, which has been already confirmed as unusable.

Services and repairs of valves department focus on warranty and post warranty service, revision and repair of the valves, even the range of goods not produced in ARMATURY Group. We repair not only valves, but also control components, such as gearboxes, pneumatic and hydraulic actuators.

The success of the service team is based on using the experience of our employees, good equipment, technology and skills. That is why our satisfied customers are saying about our service technicians, that they have “gold Czech hands”.

The added value is technical and professional consultations at the level of technicians, designers and development workers, which provides the customer with an optional and effective solution of the problem.

Repairs and overhauls of valves

Small repairs, such as packing replacement, gearbox adjustment, adjustment of the end position of the control actuators, repair and replacement of impulsive pipes or replacement of damaged control pressure hose of the hydraulic actuator, can be done at the customer.

Major repairs must be done at ARMATURY Group production hall in Dolní Benešov. Service work begins with the takeover of the valve from the customer and proper photo documentation. The valve is then disassembled into parts and the finding report is written.

Depending on the stage of wear will be decided which part is able to be repaired and which one must be replaced with new. After repair and exchange of the parts the valve is assembled again. Next step is pressure testing, surface treatment, then the actuator is assembled and the valve heads back to the customer!

Overhaul of goggle valve from A to Z!

The goggle valve DN 2200 was installed in 2008 at the place with very extreme working conditions. Which was confirmed after disassembling the bonnets. We were not able to identify the medium, which had irritant effects. Due to this reason, we confirmed this medium as toxic – our employees had to be very observed and careful. After cleaning the goggle valve, the medium filled eight barrels about volume 200 liters each!


After drying, removing the side covers and examination, we found out, that most of the inside parts of the goggle valve was extensively corroded. That caused the non-functionality of the pressure devices and the actuator to the plate – which are the main part for correct and safe valve operation. The corrosion caused material loss of up to 5 mm!

Impossible on the wait, miracles in three days

All parts of the goggle valve were carefully controlled. If the part was unable to be repaired, the spare parts started to be produced. Designers choose, for producing of the new parts and for repair of the old ones, special materials, which better resist to extreme conditions. For maximal service life was the goggle valves protected with a special coating of the inner places.

After final assemble was the valve tested for standard pressure and operability tests. All the tests finished well, so the valve could head back to the customer. When we see this great job to be done, we can paraphrase known proverb: “Impossible on wait, miracles within few months.”

New one or overhaul?

If you are still wondering whether to order an overhaul or exchange the old valve for a new one, do not hesitate to contact our service team. They will help you to choose! And at the end one information about the cost. The price of the overhauls is about 40 – 60 % of the price of a new valve. Maybe that helped you to decide.