7 / 2019

Reliable distributors support the international growth of Vexve

Close cooperation with reliable distributors plays a key role in the operations of an international growth company.

In the picture: Alberto Riva, Danya Disca & Francesco Beretta

Sfera Energy Solutions Srl is one of Vexve's numerous distributors, and cooperation has continued already for more than 10 years. From the start, the long cooperation has been based on direct and open communication.

The vision of the district energy valve supplier Vexve is to be a committed and responsible technology partner for its customers. Together with reliable distributors, Vexve serves its customers throughout the project lifecycle, from design to deployment.

Thanks to the company’s extensive distributor network, Vexve brands are known throughout the world. Vexve's sales and distributor network currently covers more than 30 countries. From distributors, Vexve gets valuable information from the various markets.

"By combining Vexve's extensive product range and the distributor’s knowledge of the local market situation, we can together identify the solutions that best benefit the customer. The feedback received from the distributor is crucial when we are designing new solutions for customers," says Regional Sales Manager Maja Grafe.

Common objectives steer cooperation

One of Vexve's numerous distributors is Sfera Energy Solutions Srl, a company operating in the area of district energy. The company has been Vexve's reliable distributor partner in Italy already for a decade and last year Sfera received the Vexve Award as the Distributor of the year 2018.

In the constantly changing district energy market, the dialogue between the customer and the technical manufacturers is often missing. For this reason, seamless cooperation between the manufacturer and the distributor is important. In Italy, Sfera managed to identify and engage the key Italian customers, and Vexve, for its part, made an impression with its solutions for the future.

"It is our common goal to offer our customers innovative solutions for district energy networks. Vexve's products are high quality, and therefore we are proud to represent Vexve's brands in the Italian market. Our cooperation has been continuously developing through the years and enabled the realization of huge projects in Italy," says the CEO of Sfera Energy Solutions, Francesco Beretta.

Close communication with a distributor is a cornerstone of the cooperation. Vexve and Sfera are in contact almost daily.

"When we need it, we get answers and reactive support quickly from Vexve's sales and customer service. Honest and direct dialogue is an important part of the cooperation. Both parties are flexible so that our common goals can be achieved," says Francesco.

Responsibility throughout the sales chain

Responsibility steers all of Vexve's business operations and also binds the company's official distributors. When signing the official distributor contract, distributors undertake as part of the agreement to comply with Vexve's ethical guidelines (Code of Conduct).

"Our distributors represent us in their own markets, and that is why it is important that our values and operating methods are the same," says Maja Grafe, Regional Sales Manager.

Responsibility and values are also important to Sfera in their daily operations.

"The best part of working with Vexve is the personnel who share the same values with us. We value and respect our customers and our environment," says Francesco.

Sfera Energy Solutions Srl

Founded: 2009

Industry: district energy and renewable energy

The most memorable project with Vexve so far:

Vexve Award: Distributor of the year 2018

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