12 / 2022

The joint premiere at Valve World turned out great!

The international fair and conference for the valves industry, the largest of its kind in Europe, was held at the turn of November and December in Düsseldorf, Germany.

It was a big premiere for the Vexve Armatury Group. For the first time, we presented ourselves to the international professional public together, under one brand as one TEAM!

First time together, forever together

The main idea of the joint appearance is best summed up by a quote from our LinkedIn post: First time together, forever together! Together we built a nice stand, together we organized the running of the stand, and above all we communicated together towards our customers.

A number of negotiations took place with existing and potential partners. There was a lot of interest in our exhibits, especially the AG shut-off valve with lever and weight and the Vexve ball valve set in underground design. According to the feedback from visitors, the greatest interest is generated by the size of the exhibit and then its uniqueness.

We presented a special valve in the form of a scale model made on a 3D printer, it was a ZMK gate valve that even had a movable seal plate.

Common goals in the WIN IN WEST strategy

The final evaluation of the fair is very positive. The overall attendance and size of the show was significantly smaller compared to previous years, which we attribute to both the effects of the covid and the still ongoing measures in Asia, and then to the economic situation, which is forcing many companies to take cost-saving measures.

Nevertheless, we are convinced that our joint participation in events of such significance makes sense. In accordance with our WIN IN WEST strategy, we want to be more active in this region and build a position as strong as we have at home.

That is why we are also planning further joint exhibitions. Already in March of the following year, it will be the IRO exhibition, where AG and Vexve will be presented together. In June, we will participate in the METEC fair, which is interesting especially from the point of view of AG and ZMK.

Additional information:

Vladimíra Václavíková, Head of Marketing ARMATURY Group