8 / 2021

Universal gate valves with various dimensions and pressure

At ARMATURY Group we offer a wide range of products.

Besides the ball valves, butterfly valves, metallurgy valves, and many others we also focus on the production of gate valves, which serve as shut-off valves to open and close the flow of the working medium. Our newsletter already introduces you to some valves and today we will look at gate valves type S33.1, S33.2, and S33.3.

Universal gate valves S33.1 and S33.2

The gate valve is an outside-screw-and-yoke, full bore with flexible wedge and rising stem. Gate valves type S33.1 and S33.2 are generally very universal valves for opening or closing the working medium, and they are double-sided sealing valves. Depending on the used material they can be operated in a wide range of temperatures, from low (-46 °C) to very high temperature (600 °C).

The wide range of applications is due to the fact that the sealing surfaces seal in the metal-to-metal design. The welds of the sealing surfaces comply with the API 600 standard. The working medium can be both liquid and gas, while no types of working substances cannot contain coarse mechanical impurities. As a result, they are used in almost the whole range of industries from energy, petrochemistry to the water industry.

We offer various dimensions and pressure range

At our company, we produce gate valves S33.1 with a flexible wedge from castings in the range DN 50 do DN 600 in pressure PN 16 to PN 100. We produce S33.2 yoke gate valves with a fixed wedge, this design allows pressure transfer from the interspace.

The body of these valves is made of castings, in the range from DN 50 to DN 600 in pressure PN 6 to PN 16. Bonnet gate valves S33.3 are designed for less demanding operations, up to a maximum temperature of 250 °C. Their advantage is the small overall height, which is given by the construction with a non-rising stem.

Gate valves for water, gas, and other media

The working medium can be water, steam, air, non-aggressive liquids, but also oil and oil products and gases of groups 1 and 2. We produce gate valves for natural gas for our long-term customers and the largest gas supplier in the Czech Republic – company NET4GAS. In addition to ball valves, we also supply this company with gate valves S33, such as recently in DN 300, in which natural gas flows at a temperature from -5 °C to +60 °C.

An example of gate valves for water can be a recent delivery for water treatment in water reservoir Želivka, where we supplied gate valves with electric actuator DN 400 and DN 600 as well as dismantling joint in dimensions DN 400, 600, and 1600, which will be needed during removal and subsequent installation of new valves. Did you know that Želivka serves as a source of drinking water for 2 million people?

Worldwide references

The gate valves have become very popular not only at home but also elsewhere in the world. We have produced valves for the Lithuanian energy company Klaipedos energija AB, which is not only the largest but also the oldest producer and supplier of heat in western Lithuania. On a hundred years old beams, there is a power plant on the banks of the Dane river, in which the gate valves S33 DN 500-60 now work reliably and in which the thermal water with a temperature of +130 °C flows.

We could give you a lot of examples, if you are interested in this type of valve, do not forget to read another reference on gate valve S33 for storage and distribution of oil and fuels, which has become part of European strategic projects ensuring the EU energy stability.

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Libor Šefčík, designer