5 / 2021

Valves for hydropower plants and sustainable development

Valves for hydropower plants and sustainable development 4. 5. 2021 Valves for hydropower plants contribute to the acquisition of green energy, and thus to the reduction of the ecological footprint.

We at ARMATURY Group know this, which is why we are always happy to be a part of these projects. From our product range, ball valves K92 with lever and counterweight and butterfly valves L32 are installed in the hydropower plants. A huge advantage of hydropower plants is zero emissions, it is also a flexible source of energy because water can be stored in reservoirs until it needs to be used for energy production.

Small hydropower plants in Norway

We manufacture hydro valves very often for hydropower plants in Norway, whose know-how is among the world's best. In Norway, about 99 % of electricity is generated by hydropower plants.

For example, for the Norwegian hydropower plants Kvemhulselva and Engeseth, we produced ball valves type K92.14 DN 400 and 600 with lever and counterweight.

These ball valves serve as shut-off valves in front of the water turbine. These are safe valves that we test to guarantee their reliability and long life. During the past months, we have supplied to this destination many L32 butterfly valves in sizes DN 700 to DN 2100.

And there was much more because we delivered 101 pieces of valves to Norway in 2020.

The worldwide references

We also supply valves that contribute to the production of green energy to other countries, such as Turkey, France or even to distant Vietnam.

In the case of Turkey, we can mention, for example, the supply of ball valves DN 600 with lever and counterweight for the Güce hydropower plant and butterfly valves L32 DN 2000 for the hydropower plant in the southeastern tip of Turkey, in the Beyyurdu area.

We must also mention the ball valves K92 DN 300 to 450 with lever and counterweight, which were shipped to the French Alps, or the ball valves K92.14 DN 600, which travelled far from our factory in Dolní Benešov to the hydropower plant by the South China Sea in Vietnam.

We have extensive experience with deliveries and dispatches to distant countries, we can provide special surface treatment of valves and overseas packaging.