5 / 2022

Valves in the sky, a case study about the TOP 5

As part of the sales promotion, ARMATURY Group sales department had the idea of creating the first e-book in the company's history.

The basic idea was to create an interesting case study that will describe our skills, experience and active customer approach on a specific project, on which our company is very proud. The study is created for our existing and potential clients, and its mission is to support sales and promote the company.

The choice of the contract was clear

The first important thing was to choose an interesting contract that could be covered by this case study. The sales managers together with the marketing department chose a contract for Třinecké železárny, which had just been dispatched. It was a delivery of two pieces of goggle valves C62.2 113 type 129AE AG DN 2000 and two pieces of butterfly valves L32.63 DN 2000 with electric actuators.

The aim of the order was to modernize and unify the operation, and the valves from the ARMATURY Group workshop replaced the original pieces, which functioned as the main closures in the piping system and wet heating metallurgical gas flowed through them. The new valves had to meet not only all the demanding requirements of the existing operation and legislation, but also had to be environmentally friendly.

The result was the 5 best...

The production itself of the entire assembly took 4 months and was preceded by several negotiations on the design proposal, customer requirements, and very demanding operating conditions were discussed, followed by design work and technological preparation of production. The valves had to be placed at a height of 40 meters and had to be "threaded" through a small hole in the roof of the steel plant, which was preceded by a very demanding and complex oversized transport.

The result was not only the order that was the most complex, difficult and complicated, had the most components, with the assembly at the highest, but also an e-book that describes the entire order from the very beginning of the preparations to the final testing on the site.

If you are interested in the details of this unique project, write to us on LinkedIn or contact your sales representative at ARMATURY Group directly.

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