2 / 2017

Vexve accepted as a member of the Finnish Energy Club

Vexve’s membership of the Finnish Energy Club has been approved. In addition to membership, Vexve also gains a seat on the Energy Club Board of Directors.

The Finnish Energy Club was established by Finnish energy companies in 2010, as an organization with the aim to promote Finnish energy and cleantech expertise internationally and encourage exports.

Initially, the Finnish Energy Club focused in particular on the development of relations with Russia, but has now expanded its activities to other countries. Last year, the Energy Club made the first efforts towards China. A large delegation of Chinese energy industry leaders visited Finland at the turn of the year, with Vexve’s Asian Export Director, Anne Savolainen also participating.

Close cooperation will continue this year. The Energy Club and its members will be part of a major cooperation effort with Finnish pavilion arrangements for Expo 2017 Astana. The three-month World Expo is expected to greet more than 5 million visitors in Astana, Kazakhstan where the main theme of Expo 2017 is Future Energy.

For more information:
Asian Export Director | Anne Savolainen | | +358 10 7340 824